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It is unknown whether the bioavailability of isoflavones is affected by the concomitant ingestion of glucosides or aglycones. This study was designed to investigate the effects of soymilk-based beverages containing different types of isoflavones on their absorption, excretion, and metabolism. Twelve healthy volunteers consumed 3 kinds of soymilk: untreated(More)
We evaluated the antioxidative activity of anthocyanins from an extract of the tuber of purple sweet potato (PSP) (Ipomoea batatas cultivar Ayamurasaki). Anthocyanins from PSP showed stronger 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical-scavenging activity than anthocyanins from red cabbage, grape skin, elderberry, or purple corn, and eight major components(More)
We evaluated the absorbability of anthocyanins in humans and rats administered with a beverage prepared from an extract of the tuber of purple sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Cultivar Ayamurasaki), or with an anthocyanin concentrate. Two major anthocyanin components, cyanidin(More)
A double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial was conducted to investigate the beneficial effect of probiotic and prebiotic fermented milk on the skin of healthy adult women. Forty healthy Japanese adult female volunteers with healthy skin randomly received either a bottle of probiotic and prebiotic fermented milk containing Bifidobacterium breve(More)
BACKGROUND Probiotics have been considered to affect not only the gut but also the skin. This study aimed at examining whether oral administration of live Bifidobacterium breve strain Yakult (BBY), a typical probiotic, could exert photoprotective effects in hairless mouse skin. METHODS BBY cell suspensions and fermented milk containing BBY (BBYM) were(More)
Although persistent constipation is considered to be associated with skin problems, the supporting evidence is limited. Hence, this study investigated the effects of probiotic and prebiotic fermented milk on skin and intestinal conditions in an open-label trial. Among the 101 Japanese healthy young female students that participated, the 81 subjects in the(More)
Homeostasis in the stomach environment is maintained by the balance of protective factors such as gastric mucus and aggressive factors such as gastric acid, stress, alcohol, and drugs. An overload of aggressive factors that upsets this balance can induce gastric injury. Fermented milk that contains Bifidobacterium bifidum BF-1 (BF-1), a probiotic strain,(More)
The various beneficial effects of soybeans, which are rich in phytochemicals, have received much attention because of increasing health awareness. Soy milk that has been fermented using lactic acid bacteria has been used to prepare cheese-like products, tofu (bean-curd), and yogurt-type products. However, the distinct odor of soybeans has limited the(More)
A questionnaire survey found that women suffering from abnormal bowel movements have many skin problems such as a high frequency of dry skin. Although there are similarities between the structure and barrier function mechanism of the gut and skin, experimental data are insufficient to show an association between the intestinal environment and skin(More)
Soy foods are known to be effective for breast cancer prevention. The habitual consumption of soy isoflavones in combination with the probiotic Lactobacillus casei Shirota (LcS) was shown to decrease the risk of breast cancer occurrence in our previous population-based case-controlled study among Japanese women. The present study aimed to elucidate the(More)