Mitsutoshi Himaga

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AIMS To develop a system to detect automatically features of diabetic retinopathy in colour digital retinal images and to evaluate its potential in diabetic retinopathy screening. METHODS Macular centred 45 degrees colour retinal images from 1273 patients in an inner city diabetic retinopathy screening programme. A system was used involving pre-processing(More)
A system for detecting fundus lesions caused by diabetic retinopathy from fundus images is being developed. The system can screen the images in advance in order to reduce the inspection workload on doctors. One of the difficulties that must be addressed in completing this system is how to remove false positives (which tend to arise nearby blood vessels)(More)
A new method to extract retinal blood vessels from a colour fundus image is described. Digital colour h d u s images are contrast enhanced in order to obtain sharp edges. The green bands are selected and transformed to correlation coefficient images by using two sets of Gaussian kernel patches of distinct scales of resolution. Blood vessels are then(More)
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