Mitsuteru Sakamoto

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We propose a nonlinear mapping method for detecting geographical changes. In our system, two images photographed at different points of time are checked based on an iterative nonlinear mapping. The system automatically extracts feature changes of aerial imageries by computing distribution of the image matching score. We evaluate the change detection ability(More)
Automatic recognition of buildings has been in demand for efficient digital mapping process or updating of existing information in geographical information applications. It requires effective stereo matching techniques that are applicable to urban area. However conventional techniques that make use of area-based, point-based or edge-based matching cannot(More)
A 40000 RPM vector-controlled induction motor drive is introduced. In a previous paper by T. Kume et al. (see Proc. IPEC 1990 conf., Tokyo, p.1132-1136, 1990), conventional vector control with a shaft encoder was employed in a low-speed range, while constant V/f (volt-per-hertz) PWM control was employed in a high-speed range. The two control modes were(More)
As the initial investigation on disaster occurrence, it is very important for reducing economical losses to obtain timely observation of damages especially in metropolis. In such situation, information on changed area obtained from aerial photo analysis is promising. In this study, we propose a change detection approach objected for metropolis right after(More)
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