Mitsuteru Inoue

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We study surface Tamm states in magnetophotonic structures magnetized in the Cotton–Mouton ͑Voigt͒ geometry. We demonstrate that the periodicity violation due to the structure truncation together with the violation of the time reversal symmetry due to the presence of magneto-optical materials gives rise to nonreciprocality of the surface modes. Dispersion(More)
The Springer Series in Materials Science covers the complete spectrum of materials physics, including fundamental principles, physical properties, materials theory and design. Recognizing the increasing importance of materials science in future device technologies, the book titles in this series reflect the state-of-the-art in understanding and controlling(More)
Magnonics is an emerging field dealing with ultralow power consumption logic circuits, in which the flow of spin waves, rather than electric charges, transmits and processes information. Waves, including spin waves, excel at encoding information via their phase using interference. This enables a number of inputs to be processed in one device, which offers(More)
A 10-mm cavity length magnetooptically Q-switched Nd:GdVO4 laser was demonstrated using a single-crystalline ferrimagnetic rare-earth iron garnet film. To design the Q-switching system, the magnetic, optical, and magnetooptical properties of the garnet film were measured. The diode pumped solid-state laser cavity was constructed using a 190-μm-thick garnet(More)
SUMMARY Experimental and theoretical studies of light coupling to various magnetic nanostructured media and nanocomposites are briefly reported. Enhancement of the magneto-optical response is shown to occur when the constitutive materials of photonic crystals are magnetic. Transmission and reflection types of 1D magnetophotonic crystals (MPCs) have been(More)
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