Mitsutaku Makino

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A practical guideline for community-level ecological risk management is proposed, with particular emphasis on the mutual interdependencies of the scientific analysis, public consensus building, and an adaptive management. The procedure we recommend spans the screening of potential ecological risks, the involvement of related stakeholders, the conceptual(More)
Declines in landings of the hairtail Trichiurus japonicas indicate the need for more effective management of this species. Hairtail spawning peaks occur twice yearly in the Bungo Channel, in spring and autumn. Relationships between hairtail stock and brood seasonality were examined to determine if an association between either and a decline in landings(More)
Overfishing has reduced the stock of hairtail Trichiurus japonicus around the Bungo Channel, Japan. To determine whether using larger bait in the trolling line fishery could avoid catching small/undersize hairtail, we developed and trialled a new large artificial bait (a soft plastic bait, 6 inches long). A traditional lure with natural bait (type-1), a new(More)
In this paper we present a call for a re-directing fisheries science towards an integrated scientific activity which includes the trajectory of fish from eggs and their life underwater to consumption on the table. We propose that integrated research in fisheries science be defined as “interdisciplinary research for society and human well-being which deals(More)
There are few legal marine protected areas in Japan rather than fishing-ban areas. Fishers did not seek legal fishing-ban areas but they did establish fishing-ban areas by autonomous bases. We briefly introduce the institutional history and features of Japanese coastal fishery management, including the past decade’s major legislative developments. Japan(More)
In the middle of the 1990s, Pacific saury fishery vessels began to install “size separators” to selectively land large-size class fish with a higher price. Contrary to expectations, this resulted in removal of the separators in 2006 because fishers believed the separators had contributed to price collapses in the 2000s. The intent of this paper is to(More)
Under the coastal fisheries co-management regime in Japan, local fishers play important roles in deciding on and implementing local management measures. Therefore, using the case study of a hairtail trolling line fishery, we conducted a transdisciplinary research with fishers, processors, government officers, etc. Taking social and biological factors into(More)
The expanding economical activities have accelerated losses of biodiversity and ecosystem services, which are especially pronounced in Asia. To find solutions to stop these losses, a group of scientists studying both ecological and social sciences has launched an interdisciplinary research network, entitled TSUNAGARI (Trans-System, UNified Approach for(More)
The characteristics of magnetic field modulation recording on GdDyFeCo magnetooptical disks were investigated. The GdDyFeCo recording layer was deposited by a two-source RF magnetron sputtering method. The thermomagnetic properties of the compositionally modulated films varied with the modulation periodicity, and the recording field (H<inf>s</inf>) was(More)