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STUDY DESIGN The cervical spine of the healthy Japanese children aged between 1 year and 18 years was radiographically examined. OBJECTIVES To examine the correlation between growth of the cervical vertebral body and the facet joint and the development of the cervical lordosis and intervertebral motion. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Although the growth of(More)
Integrated watershed management (IWM) is an advanced land-management approach that has been widely implemented in Tigray region of northern Ethiopia since 2004. The general aim of this study was to analyze to what extent the IWM approach is effective in curbing land degradation in the fragile drylands of the Enabered watershed in Tigray. This study assessed(More)
We reviewed 95 consecutive patients with cervical spinal cord injury admitted within 2 days of injury and treated nonoperatively, to elucidate the relationship between neurological deterioration and the white blood cell count in the first 4 days after injury. The count for 14 patients who had neurological deterioration was 13.2 +/- 3.2 x 10(9)/l, and that(More)
The catalytic and allosteric sites of proton translocating adenosine triphosphatase (ATPase) were studied by measuring the binding of nucleotides to the ATPase, and its alpha and beta subunits purified from thermophilic bacterium PS3, with a circular dichroic spectrometer. In contrast to mesophilic ATPases, this thermophilic enzmye contained no tightly(More)
The development of woodlots as an additional source of livelihood and as a land management option for small-scale farmers is a challenging issue in the cereal-based subsistence farming systems of north-western Ethiopia. There is a need to understand why and which factors determine the decisions of small-scale farmers to grow short-rotation woodlots on their(More)
The tree Prosopis juliflora, introduced to Ethiopia in the 1970s to curb desertification, is imposing significant ecosystem and socioeconomic challenges. The objectives of this study are therefore to analyze the dynamics and associated impacts of the P. juliflora invasion over the period 1973-2004 and to evaluate the effectiveness of the management measures(More)
STUDY DESIGN In this study the motor scores of 62 consecutive acute spinal cord-injured patients were retrospectively reviewed. OBJECTIVE The reliability of the American Spinal Injury Association and National Acute Spinal Cord Injury Study motor scores, compared with the conventional motor scores, was retrospectively assessed. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA(More)