Mitsuru Taguchi

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A simple and rapid method to detect Campylobacter spp. in chicken-meat samples was established. This method consisted of a combination of a two-step enrichment method with a commercially available immunochromatographic assay, named NH Immunochromato Campylobacter (NH IC Campy, Nippon Meat Packers, Ibaraki, Japan), which is able to detect Campylobacter(More)
The growing population of older drivers has led to societal demands for the development of technologies better suited to the characteristics of older people. One effective way of addressing this situation is to examine closely the structure that causes the performance of older drivers and then use that information to develop technologies. As the first step(More)
A total of 387 yeasts from the contents of the digestive tracts of domestic animals and poultry were identified by slide agglutination tests using factor antisera and urease tests. The results of this serological test were very satisfactory with respect to accuracy and rapidity, particularly when performed in combination with concomitant physiological tests(More)
The safety of an oil-degrading bacterium, C2 strain, was evaluated for utilization in an open system for bioremediation of oil-contaminated environments. The C2 strain was identified as Rhodococcus erythropolis by performing an alignment analysis of the whole 16S rRNA sequence. R. erythropolis was classified as a nonpathogenic (category 1) bacterium.(More)
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