Mitsuru Sugiura

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Postviral olfactory disorder develops after infection with the common cold, and is a relatively severe and prolonged disorder without rhino-sinusitis. This epidemiological study aimed to characterize its clinical pathology and determine the causative virus. Postviral olfactory disorder occurs most commonly in middle-aged women and is most prevalent in(More)
Few studies have attempted to analyse preoperative factors that complicate the surgical removal of impacted mandibular third molars. We studied this problem in two steps. We found that difficulty in extraction is associated with depth (depth is deep occlusal level: level C), ramus relationship/space available (ramus relationship/space available is no space:(More)
The clinical records of 889 patients with olfactory disturbance who had been examined at the Olfaction Clinic, Osaka City University Hospital, Japan from January 1982 to December 1996 were studied in order to investigate the relationship between the patients' characteristics and their prognoses. Aetiologically the characteristic variables of "head trauma"(More)
We administered zinc sulfate to patients with sensorineural (post-viral, post-traumatic, or unknown aetiology) olfactory disorder and examined its effects. The patients were divided into three groups by method of treatment: zinc sulfate only, combination of zinc sulfate and the usual therapy, or the usual therapy. For disorders of post-viral and unknown(More)
Taste disorders are a common complaint among cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy on an ambulatory basis. We conducted a survey on the incidence of such disorders among 74 patients, and 45.95% (34 of 74 patients) developed taste disorders. When stratified by medication into a regimen including 5-FU and one including taxanes, taste disorders were found in(More)
We have used glutathione for prevention of oxaliplatin-related neurotoxicity with reference to the article of Cascinu et al. We investigated oxaliplatin-related neurotoxicity in Kariya Toyota General Hospital(KTGH)and compared with the data described in the article of Gamelin about the severity of its neurotoxicity. Grade 3 neurotoxicity was observed in(More)
Multi-facility joint randomized clinical trials for cancer treatment are the most common method of current clinical study. However, the difference in the rate of participation in multi-facility randomized clinical trials may damage the resulting general validity. Therefore, we studied whether the rate of participation in randomized clinical trials is(More)