Mitsuru Shiozaki

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A successful detection of the stealthy dopant-level circuit (trojan), proposed by Becker et al. at CHES 2013 (LNCS 8086:197–214, 2013), is reported. Contrary to an assumption made by Becker et al. dopant types in active region are visible with either scanning electron microscopy (SEM) or focused ion beam (FIB) imaging. The successful measurement is(More)
Leaks inside semi-custom application-specific integrated circuit design primitives are rigorously investigated. The study is conducted by measuring a dedicated test element group chip with a small magnetic field probe on the chip surface. Measurement targets are standard cells and a memory macro cell. Leaks inside the primitives are focused, as many of(More)
The secret information, which is embedded in integrated circuit (IC) devices such as a smart card, has the risk of theft by reverse engineering (RE). The circuit design of IC can be stolen by the RE, and the counterfeit can be illegally fabricated. Therefore, the secure IC device requires the circuit architecture protected from the RE attacks. This paper(More)
Eye We can understand a natural scene easily. flexible and robust system analog and nonlinear parallel processing Girls are playing with a dog... The hierarchical and massively-parallel processing are achieved by using: the multi-functional chips the pixel-parallel circuit architecture the global/local wireless interconnection