Mitsuru Nakata

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss how to model and analyze signaling pathways by using Petri net. Firstly, we propose a modeling method based on Petri net by paying attention to the molecular interactions and mechanisms. Then, we introduce a new notion "activation transduction component" in order to describe an enzymic activation process of reactions(More)
This paper first presents basic Petri net components representing molecular interactions and mechanisms of signalling pathways, and introduces a method to construct a Petri net model of a signalling pathway with these components. Then a simulation method of determining the delay time of transitions, by using timed Petri nets — i.e. the time taken in firing(More)
T-invariants represent periodic behaviors of Petri nets and elementary T-invariants represent fundamental periodic behaviors that can’t be divided into smaller ones anymore. To reveal dynamic behaviors of a system modeled by a Petri net, generating elementary T-invariants is indispensable. For a given Petri net, there may have enormous elementary(More)
In traditional Chinese medicine, internal organs imply five viscera and six bowels. Five viscera mean liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney, and six bowels mean gallbladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine, urinary bladder and triple energizer. Also, meridian system represents the passage of metabolites in the human body. In this paper, we deal(More)
This paper investigates the usefulness of a new priority list for two-processor scheduling problem of program nets. Firstly, we discuss the weakness of a previously proposed priority list and then introduce a new priority list. Through simulation experiment we show that the new priority list is better than the previous one and can generate the same length(More)
Multi-car elevator (MCE for short) systems have been receiving increasing attention these days. An MCE has two or more cars in one shaft. It is difficult to control MCEs by using algorithms developed for single-car elevator systems, because MCEs need to avoid collision of the cars of the same shaft. In this paper, we propose an algorithm to control MCE(More)
Given with a graph G and its any isomorphic graph G', a minimum determiner set of G is a minimum set of vertices such that, if these vertices are assigned in one-to-one correspondence between G and G' then correspondences of the remaining vertices of G are uniquely determined. A kernel set is a minimum determiner set with the least number of elements. In(More)
The bending stability and electrical properties of In- Ga-Zn-O and In-Sn-Zn-O (ITZO) thin-film transistors (TFTs) fabricated on a polyimide film are described. No significant change in the transfer characteristics of these TFTs was observed under bending at a curvature radius of 1 mm. In addition, back-channeletched TFTs fabricated on a polyimide film using(More)