Mitsuru Maruyama

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Verifying whether the routing information originating from an AS is being correctly distributed throughout the Internet is important for stable inter-AS routing operation. However, the global behavior of routing information is difficult to understand because it changes spatially and temporally. Thus, rapid detection of inter-AS routing failures and(More)
In this paper, we present an architecture design of application-network collaborative bandwidth on-demand (BoD) network service. For emerging ultra-high-bandwidth data transmission, such as HDTV streaming and Tera-byte class remote file transfer, network providers are expected to offer flexible use of the high performance of the optical network resources.(More)
This paper describes a crossbar-switch arbiter for a high-speed MAPOS switch. The arbiter uses the following techniques suitable for variable-length frame switching: 1. parallel processing for handling requests from network interfaces and for resource allocation, 2. techniques such as release-on-request, fast back-to-back transfer, and request prefetching(More)
Many studies have focused on developing Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) flow control mechanisms to enable more effective use of bandwidth in data center networks. However, the studies cannot achieve total optimization of bandwidth use for data center networks. This is because they do not take into account the path design of TCP flows and the(More)
In the past years, the ALM (Application Layer Multicast) has led the rapid development of the real-time streaming data transmission technology. However, as focusing on the global performance and control, the individual efficiency in the ALM structure could not be guaranteed. Furthermore, according to the complex environment of the existing networks, the(More)
A high-speed hardware architecture for an experimental high-definition videotex system for a broadband integrated services digital network is introduced. The key technologies required are high-speed protocol processing, high-speed data transfer, and highspeed picture readout from disks. High-speed protocol processing using a newly developed virtual memory(More)