Mitsuru Iwata

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Unlike documents, annotation for multimedia information needs to be input as text, not in the form of symbols such as underlines and circles. This is problematic with keyboard input for non-alphabetical languages, especially the East Asian languages such as Chinese and Japanese, because it is labor intensive and imposes a high cognitive load. This study(More)
“Media” is an artifact that expands our creativity and intelligence. We have been studying the use of “Rich Media” to support creative and intelligent human activities. Specifically, for over ten years we have focused on the 3D space as one of “Rich Media” and developed many 3D sketch systems that support the design of 3D objects. However, their long-term(More)
Keyboard input for non-alphabetical languages, such as Chinese and Japanese, is problematic because it is labor intensive and imposes a high cognitive load. In our previous work, we measured the effectiveness of handwriting during a note-taking task in Japanese, and found that the input speed during note-taking was higher by hand than by keyboard. The(More)
This paper presents a novel system which learns how the users want to control the entertainment robot with intuitive gestures. Two major problems are focused on this paper. One is how to distinct the user intuitive gestures, another is how to make the correspondence between the gestures and the control commands. Users want to use their own gestures which(More)
We have developed a design-support system which enhances design ideas by activating divergent thinking and convergent thinking of a designer, and offers a natural user interface that does not interrupt the thinking of a designer using the faculty of a computer. The system is composed of three user interfaces (UI)—a historical-view UI which analyzes(More)
Many household electrical appliances that use information technology have recently been developed. We can operate these appliances from anywhere, and research has shown that such appliances support users in their daily lives. The basis for supporting the user is detecting repetitive operation by the user. We think it is important for a home agent to detect(More)
Thanks to the rapid progress of ICT, significant progress has been made in both the “generation” and “display” of the advanced medical information. However, serious problems still remain in both the “generation” and “display”. Therefore, we propose a simple augmented reality system that can display an(More)