Mitsuru Higashimori

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In this paper we discuss the design of the 100G capturing robot from the point of view of dynamic pre-shaping where all finger links make contact with the target object simultaneously. After briefly explaining the overview of the 100G capturing robot, we mathematically formulate the dynamic pre-shaping problem where we discuss how to determine the(More)
— This paper discusses an optimum design approach for robotic hands by considering the characteristics of visco-elasticity of food. " Norimaki-sushi " is taken as an example for food. We first show that the dynamic characteristics of such food can be expressed by utilizing the Maxwell model with two layers. Based on dynamic parameters obtained by(More)
— This paper discusses an active shaping method for an unknown rheological object by considering the characteristics of viscoelasticity. By utilizing a four-element model for approximating the dynamic characteristics of object's deformation , we drive the deformation decomposition into the elastic response and the plastic one. For shaping the object, we(More)