Mitsuru Higashimori

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BACKGROUND Left ventricular (LV) wall stiffening plays an important role in the development of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF). Based on the linear elastic theory, we hypothesized that the evaluation of epicardial movement during diastole is helpful for the noninvasive assessment of LV wall distensibility. METHODS AND RESULTS Based(More)
In this paper we discuss the design of the 100G capturing robot from the point of view of dynamic pre-shaping where all finger links make contact with the target object simultaneously. After briefly explaining the overview of the 100G capturing robot, we mathematically formulate the dynamic pre-shaping problem where we discuss how to determine the(More)
This paper discusses an active shaping method for an unknown rheological object by considering the characteristics of viscoelasticity. By utilizing a four-element model for approximating the dynamic characteristics of object's deformation, we drive the deformation decomposition into the elastic response and the plastic one. For shaping the object, we then(More)
We discuss the optimum design issue for tracing type legged robots in the sense that it can jump as high as possible. By applying dimensional analysis techniques, we introduce four non-dimensional parameters that control the jump ratio(= h/l) for a jumping robot. An interesting observation is that there exists the optimum design point where the jump ratio(More)
In this paper, a new category of wheel-leg hybrid robot inspired by retracting configuration of the armadillo is presented. The proposed mechanism can compose large wheel diameter compared with the previous hybrid robot to realize high ability to climb obstacles. A prototype model of one Wheel-Leg module of the proposed robot mechanism has been developed to(More)
A rigid plate end-effector at the tip of a high-speed manipulator can remotely manipulate an object without grasping it. This paper discusses a dynamic nonprehensile manipulation strategy to rotate thin deformable objects on a rigid plate with two degrees of freedom (DOFs). The deformation of the object due to dynamic effects is exploited to produce fast(More)
Preshaping is an important issue for a robot hand to grasp a moving object successfully. Generally, a moving object in 3D space has rotational motion as well as translational one. This study discusses dynamic preshaping issue for such an object changing the posture momentarily. In this paper, we focus on determining the timing for grasping the object. We(More)
We are interested in estimating whether the harder skin affects the frequency response to vibration sensitivity or not. While there is the difference among individuals, it is well known that the threshold to vibration sensitivity as a function of frequency yields a U-shaped curve that reaches a maximum of sensitivity in the region of 250 Hz as shown in(More)