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RNA interference (RNAi) is one of the most promising new approaches for disease therapy. The design of a dumbbell-shaped nanocircular RNA allows it to act as a short interfering RNA (siRNA) precursor. To optimize the design, we studied the relationship between the nanostructure and RNAi activity by synthesizing various RNA dumbbells. An RNA dumbbell with a(More)
We designed and synthesized dumbbell-shaped nanocircular RNAs for RNA interference applications, which consist of a stem and two loops(1). RNA dumbbells are specifically recognized and cleaved by the human Dicer enzyme, and are thus transformed into double-stranded RNA in cells, although this RNA is resistant to degradation in serum. The structure was(More)
We demonstrate a generation of tandem repeats of a malachite green (MG) RNA aptamer using rolling circle transcription. To keep the higher-order structure of each aptamer on long RNA, we designed a sequence of circular DNA with a 14-base linker. T7 RNA polymerase was superior to Escherichia coli RNA polymerase in the specific transcription of the MG RNA(More)
We propose a "wide area ubiquitous network" as a highly economical and convenient wireless system for providing a wide variety of services. Its basic feature is "wide coverage using ultra low power consumption terminals," and its specific target is a "5-km cell radius using 10-mW transmission power terminals run on ten--year life batteries." In this paper(More)