Mitsuru Fujita

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A trend in robotics is towards legged robots. One of the issues with legged robots is the development of gaits. Typically gaits are developed manually. In this paper we report our results of autonomous evolution of dynamic gaits for the Sony Quadruped Robot. Fitness is determined using the robot's digital camera and infrared sensors. Using this system we e(More)
Introduction Specification mining (Fig. 1) is an automatic approach for extracting assertions from the implementation of the system under verification (SUV). Its primary goal is to improve the verification and documentation process by making available a matching between a manual definition of the expected functionality and a formalization of the actual(More)
This paper deals with the control and the estimation of the visual feedback systems with a fixed camera. Firstly the fundamental representation and the nonlinear observer for the visual feedback system with four coordinate frames is established. Secondly the visual feedback system is composed by the control error system and the estimation error system.(More)
An evolutionary algorithm is used to evolve gaits with the Sony entertainment robot, AIBO. All processing is handled by the robot's on-board computer with individuals evaluated using the robot's hardware. By sculpt-ing the experimental environment, we increase robust-ness to diierent surface types and diierent AIBOs. Evolved gaits are faster than those(More)
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