Mitsuru Enomoto

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The tumor suppressor p14(ARF) gene is induced by ectopically expressed E2F, a positive regulator of the cell cycle. The gene is expressed at low levels in normally growing cells in contrast to high levels in varieties of tumors. How p14(ARF) gene is regulated by E2F in normally growing cells and tumor cells remains obscure. Here we show that regulation of(More)
Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma (AILT) and peripheral T-cell lymphoma, unspecified (PTCL-u) are relatively frequent subtypes of T- or natural killer cell lymphoma. To characterize the structural anomalies of chromosomes associated with these disorders, we here determined chromosome copy number alterations (CNAs) and loss of heterozygosity (LOH) at >55(More)
1 Taksin AL, Legrand O, Raffoux E, de Revel T, Thomas X, Contentin N et al. High efficacy and safety profile of fractionated doses of Mylotarg as induction therapy in patients with relapsed acute myeloblastic leukemia: a prospective study of the alfa group. Leukemia 2007; 21: 66–71. 2 Mrozek K, Bloomfield CD. Chromosome aberrations, gene mutations and(More)
Changes in the copy number of chromosomes, or copy number alterations (CNAs), are frequently apparent in the genome of cancer cells and may result in the amplification of oncogenes or deletion of tumor suppressor genes. Such CNAs range in size from an entire chromosome to several kilobase pairs, with many of the smaller changes being undetectable by(More)
UAV is an aircraft without pilot which can fly autonomously. It can fly at a desired altitude, velocity and point exactly by using GPS, attitude system and barometer in a vehicle. It is also able to follow an arbitrary trajectory by designating way-points. The UAV targeted in the current study is a solar-powered UAV which is a joint research project between(More)
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