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Membrane proteins play pivotal roles in cellular processes and are key targets for drug discovery. However, the reliable synthesis and folding of membrane proteins are significant problems that need to be addressed owing to their extremely high hydrophobic properties, which promote irreversible aggregation in hydrophilic conditions. Previous reports have(More)
Sustained gene delivery of interferon (IFN) γ can be an effective treatment, but our previous study showed high levels of IFNγ-induced adverse events, including the loss of body weight. These unwanted events could be reduced by target-specific delivery of IFNγ after in vivo gene transfer. To achieve this, we selected the heparin-binding domain (HBD) of(More)
Short-term expression of transgenes is one of the problems frequently associated with non-viral in vivo gene transfer. To obtain experimental evidence for the design of sustainable transgene expression systems, the contribution of epigenetic modifications to the decline in transgene expression needs to be investigated. Bisulfite sequencing and reactivation(More)
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