Mitsuo Taguchi

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The WPT system composed of the unbalanced fed, ultra low profile inverted L antenna on a rectangular conducting plane is proposed and analyzed numerically. The input impedances of transmitting and receiving antennas are matched to 50 ohms by adjusting the length of horizontal element and the feed point position. The size of conducting plane is 550 mm by(More)
The wall admittance of an arbitrarily shaped microstrip antenna is generally formulated. As examples, elliptical microstrip antennas with and without a circular slot are calculated. The wall admittance is determined by the spectral domain analysis in order to consider the effect of the dielectric substrate. The electromagnetic fields within the cavity are(More)
The electric currents on the upper, lower and side surfaces of the patch conductor in a circular microstrip antenna are calculated by using the integral equation method and the characteristic between the electric currents on the upper and lower surfaces is compared. The integral equation is derived from the boundary condition that the tangential component(More)
The wireless power transmission system with the unbalanced fed inverted L antennas formed by coplanar waveguide on the rectangular conductor plane is proposed. The design frequency is 2.45 GHz. The size of the rectangular conducting plane is 48 mm by 56 mm, and height of the antenna element is 1 mm. In the case of the distance between transmitting and(More)
The characteristics of narrow-band and wideband models of unbalanced fed ultra low profile inverted L antenna are studied from the time response of voltage and current at the feed point. The antenna is excited by the Gaussian mono-cycle pulse generator. In the numerical analysis, the time domain solver of the electromagnetic simulator WIPL-D based on the(More)
The ultra low profile, conventional base fed F antenna is analyzed numerically and its characteristics are compared with those of the unbalanced fed, ultra low profile inverted L antenna. The design frequency is 2.45 GHz. When the size of conducting plane is 0.17 λ by 0.49 λ and the antenna height is 0.08 λ, the return loss bandwidth(More)
The return loss bandwidth of the unbalanced fed ultra low profile inverted L antenna has been extended by adjusting length and width of its conducting plane. The return loss less than -10 dB is satisfied at the frequency from 463 MHz to 606 MHz. This frequency bandwidth is almost 60 % of the television frequency band in Japan. This antenna is promising as(More)