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BACKGROUND In university health care settings, students with psychosomatic complaints often have chronotypic problems. For this reason, we investigated a potential connection between psychosomatic complaints and circadian rhythm irregularity assessed by salivary levels of melatonin and growth hormone. METHODS Fifteen healthy students between 21 and 22(More)
Psychophysiological variables which affect the activity of schoolchildren with subjective chronic fatigue were studied. For 32 Japanese elementary school children, 15 boys and 17 girls in Grade 4, the major finding was that the majority of children with subjective chronic fatigue were less active in school. The motor and academic performance of children(More)
BACKGROUND Students suffering from psychosomatic symptoms, including drowsiness and feelings of melancholy, often have basic lifestyle problems. The aim of this study was to investigate whether psychosomatic complaints may be related to circadian dysfunction. METHODS We examined 15 healthy students (4 men and 11 women) between 21 and 22 years old. To(More)
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