Mitsuo Hano

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Existence of a surface wave along the boundary between the semi-infinite materials, one of which is a free-space and the other is a material with either negative permeability or negative permittivity, is theoretically investigated. Surface waves exist in only limited combination of negative and positive signs of the material parameters. In addition, by(More)
Eigenvalue equations and expressions of EM fields for volume modes in an anisotropic single-negative slab with tensor material parameters is presented. By the comparison with the eigenvalue equation of surface modes along single-negative slab with negative scalar permeability, the validity of the present study is confirmed. We have also made clear which(More)
Metamaterials composed of periodically accumulated unit-cells have attracted a great deal of attention due to their extraordinary electromagnetic properties [1]-[9]. For example, the most ordinary material has all positive permittivity and permeability, but the material parameters of metamaterial can be negative with properly modifications of unit-cell(More)
Existence of backward TE volume modes which are to be identified as Magnetostatic Wave (MSW) in anisotropic single-negative slab with partly negative permeability tensor component have already been revealed by present authors. In this paper, detailed modal analysis has been carried out for this kind of TE volume modes to find out their novel and peculiar(More)
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