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We describe the psychophysical features of vocal amusia in a professional tango singer caused by an infarction mainly involving the superior temporal cortex of the right hemisphere. The lesion also extended to the supramarginal gyrus, the posterior aspect of the postcentral gyrus and the posterior insula. She presented with impairment of musical perception(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To assess the treatment and outcome of patients with crush syndrome sustained in an earthquake disaster. METHODS We conducted a retrospective analysis of eight patients with crush syndrome and subsequent acute kidney failure who were treated in the ICU of a university hospital. All eight patients had been extricated from buildings that(More)
Clonidine has both analgesic and sedative actions, and it has been used in a variety of settings as a sedative, or both. We administered oral clonidine with intravenous ketamine to a burn patient to control severe pain. Clonidine produced good analgesia and sedation. In addition, clonidine counterbalanced the sympathetic stimulation of ketamine by virtue of(More)
Treatment by primary arthrodesis of the knee joint after temporary intraluminal shunt placement in a 70-year-old man with open knee dislocation involving the popliteal vessels is reported. After temporary shunting, the definitive vascular reconstruction of both the popliteal artery and vein was established by end-to-end anastomoses because of the shortening(More)
The efficacy of a tele-ECG transmission system for transmission of electrocardiograms from ambulance to Osaka City University Hospital for 59 patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest was evaluated from December 1992 to November 1993. Authorized emergency life saving technicians (ELSTs) transmitted electrocardiograms by automobilephone connected with(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate a method of measuring venous blood flow in vitro by using the Fick principle and change in saturation of venous blood and to apply the method to the clinical measurement of hepatic blood flow. DESIGN Experimental study using an in vitro model and clinical study for critically ill patients. SETTING Department of Anesthesiology and(More)