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The present work investigates the relationship between semantic and prosodic (metric) processing in spoken language under 2 attentional conditions (semantic and metric tasks) by analyzing both behavioral and event-related potential (ERP) data. Participants listened to short sentences ending in semantically and/or metrically congruous or incongruous(More)
This paper presents a sound synthesis model that reproduces impact sounds by taking into account both the perceptual and the physical aspects of the sound. For that, we used a subtractive method based on dynamic filtering of noisy input signals that simulates the damping of spectral components. The resulting sound contains the perceptual characteristics of(More)
The present study investigated the effect of handwriting sonification on graphomotor learning. Thirty-two adults, distributed in two groups, learned four new characters with their non-dominant hand. The experimental design included a pre-test, a training session, and two post-tests, one just after the training sessions and another 24h later. Two characters(More)
In this paper we describe a synthesizer to be used both for virtual reality and musical purposes, based on an additive synthesis model, and that offers an intuitive control of impact sounds. A three layer control strategy is proposed for this purpose, where the top layer gives access to a control through verbal descriptions, the middle layer to a control of(More)
This study investigates the human ability to perceive biological movements through friction sounds produced by drawings and, furthermore, the ability to recover drawn shapes from the friction sounds generated. In a first experiment, friction sounds, real-time synthesized and modulated by the velocity profile of the drawing gesture, revealed that subjects(More)
In this paper, we focused on the identification of the perceptual properties of impacted materials to provide an intuitive control of an impact sound synthesizer. To investigate such properties, impact sounds from everyday life objects, made of different materials (wood, metal and glass), were recorded and analyzed. These sounds were synthesized using an(More)
Synthesis of impact sounds is far from a trivial task owing to the high density of modes generally contained in such signals. Several authors have addressed this problem and proposed different approaches to model such sounds. The majority of these models are based on the physics of vibrating structures, as with for instance modal synthesis modal synthesis(More)