Mitsuji Muneyasu

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A model for texture description, called “Primitive and Point Configuration (PPC) texture model,” and an estimation method of the primitive, which is an elementary object for configuring a texture, are proposed in this paper. The PPC texture model regards that a texture is composed by arranging grains that are derived from one or a few primitives by some(More)
A data extraction method from data embedding printing images by capturing devices like scanners or mobile cameras has attracted much attention. This method has several problems to be solved, which is different with the digital image watermarking. In the method, consideration for geometrical deformation, especially rotations, in the data extraction process(More)
Recently, several data extraction methods from data embedding printing images by using cellular phones with a camera have been proposed. In these techniques, consideration for geometrical deformation and lens distortion in the data extraction process is essential. This paper proposes new correction algorithm based on line based correction (LBR) and(More)
In this paper, an extraction method of trabecular structures from dental panoramic radiographs using mathematical morphological operations is proposed. It can extract trabeculae excluding roots of teeth and enables the assessment of tooth extraction for trabecular pattern. A measurement method of the lengths and directions of trabecular segments is also(More)
In this paper, we propose a biometrics authentication method using lip motion in utterance. The proposed authentication method authenticates persons using lip shape (physical trait) and lip motion accompanying utterance (behavioral trait). Hence, the proposed method can be realized with only a camera extracting lip area without the special equipment used in(More)
Estimation of a suitable window shape and appropriate weights in weighted median filters is one of important problems. In this paper, we propose a new unsupervised design method for the window shapes and weights of weighted median filters. This technique is applied to texture images corrupted by impulse noise. As the performance measure for optimization by(More)