Mitsuho Yoshida

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A general geometrical construction for fullerenes of threefold dihedral symmetry is reported and used to Ðnd those (D 3 , D 3h , D 3d) examples of this symmetry that are without face spirals. The smallest, a 384-atom cage, has its twelve pentagons arranged in D 3 three separate crosses of four fully fused rings and has four atoms more than the smallest(More)
It is shown that the non-bonding orbitals of many graphite-derived carbon frameworks can be understood in terms of the four non-bonding orbitals of the graphite sheet. Several inÐnite series of fullerenes with non-bonding orbitals are identiÐed, and the frontier orbitals of icosahedral fullerenes rationalised, by considering fullerenes as cut and folded(More)
A correlation matrix was computed from the rating score matrix of texture profiles of 79 foods. Multivariate analysis yielded eight orthogonal factors. The most important dimensions were: hard ↔ soft, cold ↔ warm, oily ↔ juicy, elastic ↔ flaky, heavy, viscous, smooth.
Using a controlled association test, Japanese expressions describing texture were collected in response to 97 food stimulus words. Results were compared with those obtained by Szczesniak in the United States. Frequencies of response were well balanced for some but not for all words with opposite meanings. There were many onomatopoeic words. The median(More)
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