Mitsuho Yoshida

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A general geometrical construction for fullerenes of threefold dihedral symmetry is reported and used to Ðnd those (D 3 , D 3h , D 3d) examples of this symmetry that are without face spirals. The smallest, a 384-atom cage, has its twelve pentagons arranged in D 3 three separate crosses of four fully fused rings and has four atoms more than the smallest(More)
It is shown that the non-bonding orbitals of many graphite-derived carbon frameworks can be understood in terms of the four non-bonding orbitals of the graphite sheet. Several inÐnite series of fullerenes with non-bonding orbitals are identiÐed, and the frontier orbitals of icosahedral fullerenes rationalised, by considering fullerenes as cut and folded(More)
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