Mitsuhiro Yokota

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Multifactorial disease such as life style related diseases, for example, cancer, diabetes mellitus, myocardial infarction (Ml) and others, is thought to he caused by complex interactions between polygenic basis and various environmental factors. In this study, we used 22 polymorphisms on 16 candidate genes that have been characterized and potentially(More)
The effective permittivity of the one-dimensional periodic structure is examined using the reflectance and transmissivity obtained by the FDTD method. By using the reflectance and transmissivity by the FDTD method, the effective permittivity of the dielectric slab, which has the same reflectance and transmissivity with that of periodic structure, is(More)
The scattered electromagnetic wave from two dimensional dielectric grating structure containing photonic crystal grating (PCG) is analyzed by using the Method of Moments (MoM). PCG is assumed to consist of the dielectric cylinders. Numerical results show the effect of depth of grating, relative permittivity, and dielectric cylinders on reflectance for three(More)
Frequency-selection properties for composite periodic structures are presented in this paper. The periodic cell consists of one or two scattering elements of different refractive index material situated in a background slab medium. Both high and low permittivity material are investigated in order to achieve possible resonance that can serve a particular(More)