Mitsuhiro Yano

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An asymptomatic cardiac neurilemoma was found in a 33-year-old woman. The tumor was on the anterior surface of the right atrium extending to the right upper pulmonary vein across the interatrial groove. The tumor was resected completely and right atrium, interatrial septum, left atrium and right superior pulmonary vein were reconstructed with(More)
Completion pneumonectomy (CP) is one of the most difficult procedures and known to be associated with a high morbidity and mortality. A 74-year-old male underwent a left upper lobectomy for pulmonary adenocarcinoma (T3N0M0); six days later after the surgery, he had a sudden postoperative intrathoracic excessive hemorrhage with shock. Emergent redo(More)
A case of brain abscess in the right temporal lobe secondary to an intracranial extradural epidermoid cyst in the right parasellar region is reported. The etiology of the brain abscess in this particular case was deduced using the findings of computed tomography, carried out several times over a 3-year period, after an initial operation to remove the(More)
An 81-year old woman with high fever and a history of hospital admission because of pyelonephritis 3 months previously was transferred to our hospital. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography revealed a mycotic pseudoaneurysm in the ascending aorta and a massive pericardial effusion. We resected the ascending aorta and the proximal part of the brachiocephalic(More)
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