Mitsuhiro Okimoto

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Japanese larch wood loaded with nickel (1%–4%) alone or with nickel and calcium (0.25%–1.5%) was carbonized at 800°–900°C for 0–120min with a heating rate of 5°–20°C min−1 in a helium flow of 5.8−46.4 ml STP cm−2 min−1 to examine the influence of these variables on the crystallization of carbon (the formation of T component) and the development of(More)
The yields and properties of oil and gas fractions coproduced during carbonization of larch wood loaded with Ni 2%, Ni 2%+Ca 1%, and Ni 4% and without catalyst (None) at 700°–900°C were examined to clarify the catalytic effect in terms of conversion into fluid fuels. The net calorific value of oil occurred mainly below 500°C and increased in the order None(More)
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