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We present a sharp interface method for computing incompressible immiscible two-phase flows. It couples the level-set and volume-of-fluid techniques and retains their advantages while overcoming their weaknesses. It is stable and robust even for large density and viscosity ratios on the order of 1000 to 1. The numerical method is an extension of the second(More)
A new approach based on volume preserving motion by mean curvature for treating surface tension in two-phase flows is introduced. Many numerical tests and a theoretical justification are included which provide evidence regarding the efficacy of the new approach. For many flows, which exhibit stiff surface tension effects, the new approach gives a factor of(More)
Pemphigus Vulgaris (PV) is an autoimmune intraepithelial blistering disease involving the skin and mucous membranes. Oral mucosa is frequently affected in patients with PV, and oral lesions may be the first sign of the disease in majority of patients. In some patients, oral lesions may also be followed by skin involvement. Therefore, timely recognition and(More)
A coupled level set and moment of fluid method (CLSMOF) is described for computing solutions to incompressible two-phase flows. The local piecewise linear interface reconstruction (the CLSMOF reconstruction) uses information from 2 Matthew Jemison et al. the level set function, volume of fluid function, and reference centroid, in order to produce a slope(More)
We introduce a robust method for computing viscous and viscoelastic two-phase bubble and drop motions. Our method utilizes a coupled level-set and volume-of-fluid technique for updating and representing the air-water interface. Our method introduces a novel approach for treating the viscous coupling terms at the air-water interface; these improvements(More)
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