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Cost effective E-band transmitter and receiver chipset MMIC's, that use a three-dimensional MMIC technology optimized for flip-chip implementation, are under development. Here, the first edition of MMIC's successfully designed and fabricated are presented. The MMIC structure incorporates inverse TFMS lines so that a ground metal can be applied to cover the(More)
The first edition of E-band transmitter module is demonstrated. This module is consisted of four WLCSP MMICs solder-reflowed on a designated PCB 14 mm × 10 mm in size. Because the WLCSP technology is incorporated, the module is mass producible and potentially very low cost compared with the current E-band products. The treatment of WLCSP MMIC in the(More)
To design DNA nano-machines or analyze DNA molecular reactions, it is important to be able to predict the energy landscape of molecular structures and the energy barrier of a transition between structures on the landscape. Unfortunately, this is difficult for DNA molecules longer than 100 bases. In this paper, we propose an effective new technique for(More)
Newly developed E-band receiver (RX) and transmitter (TX) modules are demonstrated. The reflow-soldering compatibility of the 3-D WLCSP MMIC is made to assemble easily on PCB, which contributes to high mass productivity. The RX module is the first edition, and the TX module is the second edition with an improved Power Amplifier (PA). The PA is designed(More)
At the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI), a partitioning process has been developed to separate elements in a high-level liquid waste (HLLW) into four groups; transuranium elements (TRU), Tc-platinum group metals (PGM), Sr-Cs and the others. The present paper deals with objects of the partitioning, main characteristics of four group(More)
We adopted the GaAs-PHEMT 3-D Wafer Level Chip Size Package (3-D WLCSP) technology to a prototype 76-81 GHz street surveillance radar MMIC's. A transmitter (Tx) MMIC is a compact harmonic up-mixer MMIC with an integrated local chain, followed by a power amplifier (PA) MMIC. A receiver MMIC integrates a pair of receivers each of which contains a compact(More)