Mitsuhiro Katashima

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Accumulation of visceral fat increases cardiovascular mortality in industrialized societies. However, during the evolution of the modern human, visceral fat may have acted as energy storage facility to survive in times of famine. Therefore, past natural selection might contribute to shaping the variation of visceral fat accumulation in present populations.(More)
A reduction of visceral fat is important for improvement of metabolic risk. This study was designed to compare the effects of a web-based program alone or together with measurement and self-awareness of accumulated visceral fat in Japanese workers. A new noninvasive device to measure visceral fat accumulation was introduced, and efficacy on weight-loss and(More)
The effects of sleep restriction on energy metabolism and appetite remain controversial. We examined the effects of shortened sleep duration on energy metabolism, core body temperature (CBT), and appetite profiles. Nine healthy men were evaluated in a randomised crossover study under two conditions: a 3.5-h sleep duration and a 7-h sleep duration for three(More)
A measuring device for human abdominal fat from the conductivity image derived by electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is rarely found. This study was aimed to reconstruct precise conductivity images from multiple voltage measurements in different patterns of the combination of current and voltage electrodes. We examined two voltage measuring patterns(More)
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