Mitsuhiro Hatada

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BACKGROUND Cytokines and growth factors are soluble proteins that regulate the development and activities of many cell types. One group of these proteins have structures based on a four-helix bundle, though this similarity is not apparent from amino acid sequence comparisons. An understanding of how diverse sequences can adopt the same fold would be useful(More)
Two unusual proteins, discovered in African berries, possess the interesting property of having a very high specificity for the sweet receptors. These proteins, monellin and thaumatin, are approximately 100,000 times sweeter than sugar on a molar basis and several thousand times sweeter on a weight basis. Neither contains carbohydrates or modified amino(More)
In 2008, the anti-Malware engineering WorkShop (MWS) was organized in Japan. The main objective of MWS is to accelerate and expand the activities of anti-malware research. To this end, MWS aims to attract new researchers and stimulate new research by lowering the technical obstacles associated with collecting the datasets that are crucial for addressing(More)
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