Mitsuhiko Fujio

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We introduce the notion of 'Composition', 'Union' and 'Division' of cellular automata on groups. A kind of notions of compositions was investigated by Sato (1994) and Manzini (1998) for linear cellular automata, we extend the notion to general cellular automata on groups and investigated their properties. We observe the all unions and compositions generated(More)
A texture analyzing method based on a model that composes a texture of an arrangement of similar grains has been proposed. It estimates a typical shape representing the grains, called primitive, and the arrangement based on the model. This paper proposes a method of estimation based on mathematical morphology and the minimum description length (MDL)(More)
Morphological operators are generalized to lattices as adjunction pairs Serra, 1984; Ronse, 1990; Heijmans and Ronse, 1990; Heijmans, 1994 . In particular, morphology for set lattices is applied to analyze logics through Kripke semantics Bloch, 2002; Fujio and Bloch, 2004; Fujio, 2006 . For example, a pair of morphological operators as an adjunction gives(More)