Mitsugu Ishizawa

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Bacillus megaterium strain NK84-0218 produces a potent antiviral antibiotic, oxetanocin A, which has an oxetanosyl-N-glycoside linkage to an adenine moiety. However, the oxetanocin A productivity of the original strain was unstable and low. In this study, oxetanocin A productivity and resistance was shown to be lost simultaneously when a 51.5-kb plasmid,(More)
Nasal T/NK cell lymphoma is characterized by unrelenting progressive ulceration and necrosis of the nasal cavity and midline facial tissues. Computer tomography scans and biopsy specimens from 4 cases were studied in order to determine the optimal sampling site. Specimens should be from the lateral plate of the nasal cavity and the inferior turbinate. Bone(More)
We studied on coagulation and fibrinolysis systems during pregnancy by measuring plasma levels of thrombin-antithrombin III complex (TAT), plasmin-alpha 2 plasmin inhibitor complex (PIC), fibrinogen/fibrin degradation products (FDP), plasminogen (PLG) and antithrombin III (AT-III). Ninety seven pregnant, 5 post-delivery and 32 nonpregnant women aged from 20(More)
Since gamma delta T lymphocytes has been found to be increased in patients with some immunological disorders, there exists clinical needs to determine the population of the cells in peripheral blood in normal subjects. We counted the number of gamma delta T lymphocytes in samples obtained from 151 healthy volunteers, aged from 20 to 69 years, by using a(More)
The Tokyo metropolitan hospital society of chief medical technologist has carried out a staining survey once a year since 1992. This staining survey is performed to plan improvements of the staining technology at each hospital and reduction of differences among hospitals. This report describes the examination results for PAS stain, Papanicolaou stain, and(More)