Mitsuaki Yamashita

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Estrogen deficiency-induced obesity has a high risk of visceral fat accumulation and body weight gain. It is also associated with many adverse health conditions. Taheebo extract from Tabebuia(More)
The straightforward methodology for the construction of chiral arene-fused-piperidine motifs using a highly enantioselective addition of 2-trityloxymethylaryllithiums to cyclic and acyclic(More)
A concise method for the synthesis of heterocycle-fused naphthoquinones such as naphtho[2,3-b]-furan-4,9-dione, 1H-benz[f]indole-4,9-dione, and naphtho[2,3-b]thiophene-4,9-dione was developed. This(More)
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