Mitsuaki Komatsu

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Since the mechanisms underlying the effects of low-power laser irradiation on the nervous system remain unclear, we examined whether such irradiation can influence ionic channels of the nerve membrane using the law of polar excitation in isolated frog sciatic nerve. STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS Using 43 frogs (Xenopus(More)
The movement of N-isopropyl-p[123I] iodoamphetamine (I-123 IMP) in the lungs was studied. The half time of I-123 IMP release (T 1/2) was delayed in the fibrosis and the sarcoidosis. There was a relation between the prolongation of T 1/2 and the radiographic finding. It was considered that T 1/2 was useful for the objective estimation of the change in the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The efficacy of low-power laser irradiation (LLI) on muscle fibers remains unclear; therefore, we examined the effect of LLI (808 nm: 60 or 100 mW) on muscle contraction and conducted waveform analyses of the twitch curve, including alterations in the peak amplitudes of tension (AMP), latency (LAT), contraction period (CP), and(More)
123I-IMP is taken up by the pulmonary capillary endothelial cells during the first pass through the lung, and is slowly released from them. To look up the factors which influence on the prolonged 123I-IMP retention in the diseased lung, we examined the correlation between the 123I-IMP uptake during the first pass and the 123I-IMP retention. Patients with(More)
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