Mitra Shojania Feizabadi

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In this paper, we develop a theoretical contribution towards the understanding of the complex behavior of conjoint tumor-normal cell growth under the influence of immuno-chemotherapeutic agents under simple immune system response. In particular, we consider a core model for the interaction of tumor cells with the surrounding normal cells. We then add the(More)
The extent to which beta tubulin isotypes contribute to the function of microtubules and the microtubule-driven transport of molecular motors is poorly understood. The major differences in these isotypes are associated with the structure of their C-terminal tails. Recent studies have revealed a few aspects of the C-terminal tails’ regulatory role on the(More)
In this paper, we modify our previously developed conjoint tumor-normal cell model in order to make a distinction between tumor cells that are responsive to chemotherapy and those that may show resistance. Using this newly developed core model, the evolution of three cell types: normal, tumor, and drug-resistant tumor cells, is studied through a series of(More)
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