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Sustainable resource preservation of Santalum species that yield commercially important forest products is needed. This review provides an understanding of their basic biology, propagation, hemi-parasitic nature, reproductive biology, and biotechnology. Many species of the genus Santalum (Santalaceae) have been exploited unremittingly for centuries,(More)
An experimental study has been carried out to simultaneously optimize several diesel engine designs and operating parameters for low exhaust emissions using Taguchi method. A single cylinder (DPF make) diesel engine equipped with a high pressure, cam driven mechanical injector has been used in this experiment. The effects of changes in engine(More)
Species of the Santalum genus are well known for their fragrant hardwood, which has great value in medicinal, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Sandalwood oil is derived from the heartwood of Santalum sp. and contains α-, β- and epi-β-santalols, which are responsible for its pleasant fragrance. Oil content can vary from species to species. Pressure on(More)
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