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The aim of the current study was to investigate breast cancer screening performance among Iranian Turkmen women along with their knowledge and beliefs. A cross-sectional study was carried out in June to December 2011. Through clustered sampling method, 1080 Iranian Turkmen women completed the questionnaire including breast cancer screening adherence,(More)
INTRODUCTION Breast cancer is an international health problem in the world over. Mammography screening behavior has critical role in early detection and decreasing of its mortality. Educational programs play an important role in promoting breast cancer screening behaviors and women health. Health belief models (HBM) is the most common models that have been(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer has been considered as a major health problem in females, because of its high incidence in recent years. Due to the role of breast self-examination (BSE) in early diagnosis and prevention of morbidity and mortality rate of breast cancer, promoting student knowledge, capabilities and attitude are required in this regard. This study(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Emotional intelligence (EI) theory provides a view about predicting effective factors in people's lives whether in education or profession. According to earlier studies, people who have higher emotional skills are more successful in many of life aspects :e.g., reaction to stress and controlling stress situations. Since students are the(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer remains a substantial health concern in Iran due to delay and late stage at diagnosis and treatment. Despite the potential benefits of mammography screening for early detection of breast cancer, the performance of this screening among Iranian women is low. For planning appropriate intervention, this study was carried out to identify(More)
Background Over the past decades, organophosphorous (OP) pesticides were commonly used in agriculture, especially in Asian countries. Organophosphorous pesticides poisoning, either in its acute or chronic forms is a serious health threat. Although OP pesticides residues in fruits and vegetables may not induce early clinical features, nonetheless they could(More)
Nowadays, obesity is considered as a serious and growing global health problem. It is documented that the overweight and obesity are major risk factors for a series of noncommunicable diseases, and in recent years, the obesity-cancer link has received much attention. Numerous epidemiological studies have shown that obesity is associated with increased risk(More)
CONTEXT Various studies have shown that quality of life in women after menopause undergoes radical changes. Several factors such as psycho-social factors are associated with the quality of life during menopausal period. AIMS The present study surveyed the factors associated with quality of life of postmenopausal women in Isfahan, based on Behavioral(More)
INTRODUCTION The goal of this study was to determine the association between constructs of the Health Belief Model (HBM) (i.e., perceived susceptibility to health-related problems due to smoking, perceived barriers to non-smoking, perceived benefits of non-smoking, perceived self-efficacy to non-smoking, and cues to action of non-smoking) and cigarette(More)
BACKGROUND Effective cancer pain management requires accurate knowledge, attitudes, and assessment skills. The purpose of this study was to obtain information about the knowledge and attitudes of nurses concerning cancer pain management with the use Health Belief Model (HBM) as conceptual framework. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study was a descriptive survey(More)