Mitra Fatemi

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Digital processing that increases resolution by spatial deconvolution and histogram-based amplitude mapping has been used to improve ultrasonic abdominal image quality. The processing was applied to pulse-echo ultrasound data obtained from clinical imaging instrumentation modified to permit digital recording of signals in either RF or video forms for(More)
A secure roaming protocol for mobile networks is proposed. Roaming has been analysed in some schemes from the security point of view; however, there are vulnerabilities in most of them and so the claimed security level is not achieved. The scheme offered by Wan et al. recently is based on hierarchical identity-based encryption, in which the roaming user and(More)
We present a sampling theory for a class of binary images with finite rate of innovation (FRI). Every image in our model is the restriction of 1<sub>{p&#x2264;0}</sub> to the image plane, where 1 denotes the indicator function and p is some real bivariate polynomial. This particularly means that the boundaries in the image form a subset of an algebraic(More)
We consider the problem of boolean compressed sensing, which is also known as group testing. The goal is to recover a small number of defective items in a large set from a few collective binary tests. This problem can be formulated as a binary linear program, which is NP hard in general. To overcome the computational burden, it was recently proposed to(More)
The theory of compressed sensing studies the problem of recovering a high dimensional sparse vector from its projections onto lower dimensional subspaces. The recently introduced framework of infinite-dimensional compressed sensing [1], to some extent generalizes these results to infinite-dimensional scenarios. In particular, it is shown that the(More)
Hardenbergia violacea is a climbing to prostrate shrub endemic to woodlands in the south east of Australia. We used next generation sequencing to develop a species-specific primer set. We obtained 106,529 reads in FASTA format with an average read length of 548 bp. DNA was successfully amplified for 20 markers and eight markers were characterized. The(More)
A multi-stage secret sharing (MSS) scheme is a method of sharing a number of secrets among a set of participants, such that any authorized subset of participants could recover one secret in every stage. The first MSS scheme was proposed by He and Dawson in 1994, based on Shamir’s well-known secret sharing scheme and one-way functions. Several other schemes(More)
Recovery of sparse signals from linear, dimensionality reducing measurements broadly falls under two well-known formulations, named the synthesis and the analysis formulations. Recently, Chandrasekaran et al. introduced a new algorithmic sparse recovery framework based on the convex geometry of linear inverse problems, called the atomic norm formulation. In(More)
In this paper, a novel method to estimate the shear wave speed is proposed. This method is a modified version of the lateral Time to Peak (TTP) method that estimates the induced shear wave speed. Lateral TTP algorithm finds the instance at which the maximum displacement is detected at each lateral location under examination at a certain depth. In the(More)