Mitja Kaligarič

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European dry grasslands formed of the Festuco-Brometea type are among the most diverse plant communities within agricultural landscapes. We examined floristic composition, functional trait structure and threatened species occurrence in grasslands of this type from in two distinct biogeographic regions, Dinaric (NW Balkan) and the Central European. In the(More)
Recently, two approaches to account for ecological differences in community composition have been developed: one based on trait differences (functional diversity) and another based on evolutionary history (phylogenetic diversity). Combining them allows an integrated view of processes structuring communities. The North Adriatic Karst is covered by(More)
Political ideologies, policies and economy affect land use which in turn may affect biodiversity patterns and future conservation targets. However, few studies have investigated biodiversity in landscapes with similar physical properties but governed by different political systems. Here we investigate land use and biodiversity patterns, and number and(More)
Dynamic alluvial landscapes offer many possibilities to study primary succession processes on newly developed habitats. However, within the Central European environmental conditions, where watercourses and their riparian spaces are under severe anthropogenic pressures — water regulation, deforestation, lowering of groundwater — natural processes are(More)
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