Mitiharu Kobayashi

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Lazy Learning is a new modeling method using memory-based learning. It is applied to control methods using a modeling technique. This paper proposes a new method that can be applied to position control. This method provides a way of setting the query point. Lazy Learning thus performs as a controller in the proposed method, not as an inverse model of the(More)
Multimedia content cannot be retrieved effectively unless metadata describing it is generated. However, metadata generation tends to be time-consuming and expensive, since it typically involves human beings going through the content and manually tagging it. The paper shows how automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology can be used to carry out metadata(More)
There exist distributed processing environments composed of many heterogeneous computers. It is required to schedule distributed parallel processes in an appropriate manner. For the scheduling, prediction of execution load of a process is effective to exploit resources of environments. We propose long-term load prediction methods with references of(More)
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