Mithun Varghese Vadakkan

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Excipients having self-assembling properties are less explored in the field of dry powder inhalation (DPI) technology. An amphiphilic lipopolymer system was developed using stearic acid (SA) and branched polyethyleneimine (BPEI) (1800 Dalton), at different proportions by covalent conjugation. A molecular dynamic (MD) simulation tool was employed for(More)
Effective delivery of drugs to alveoli in a controlled manner using hydrophobic polymers as carriers has already been reported. Preclinical studies revealed that toxicity and hydrophobicity are related to each other in pulmonary delivery. Here, we are reporting a chemically modified dextran having amphiphilicity and cationicity achieved by controlled(More)
The study shows that RADA-F6 peptide with pH-responsive self-assembling nature can be effectively used as a drug delivery system for the sustained release of a potent anticancer drug 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) at basic pH. As 5-FU contains the aromatic pyrimidine ring, RADA-F6 system is suitable for entrapping an aromatic drug due to effective π-π stacking with(More)
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