Mithun Sheshagiri

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A web service is a web-accessible piece of software or hardware. In recent years, industry has been showing increasing interest in web services as a technology for building distributed web applications. However, web services as a technology lacks in several departments. Representations for describing web services have been widely investigated by industry(More)
One way of overcoming the challenges associated with mobile and pervasive computing environments involves providing users with higher levels of automation. This in turn requires capturing the context within which the user operates. In this paper, we describe ongoing research aimed leveraging Semantic Web Services in support of context awareness. This(More)
The Semantic Web is a vision to simplify and improve knowledge reuse on the Web. It is all set to alter the way humans benefit from the web from active interaction to somewhat passive utilization through the proliferation of software agents and in particular personal assistants that can better function and thrive on the Semantic Web than the conventional(More)
The Internet has become an extremely popular source of entertainment and information. But, despite the growing amount of media content, most Web sites today are designed for access via web browsers on the PC, making it difficult for home consumers to access Internet content on their TVs or other devices that lack keyboards. As a result, the Internet is(More)
It has been widely accepted that intelligent robots operating in dynamic environments should be built using a combination of two very different approaches: reactive and deliberative archi-tectures. The use of only one of these approaches leads to sub-optimal performance when non-trivial tasks are to be performed by robots in dynamic environments. Typical(More)
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