Mithun Rajakumar

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The aim was to evaluate the design parameters of dental implants shape, diameter and length on stress distribution by finite element analysis (FEA).The objectives of the study was to compare the influence of stress distribution in the implants of screw-vent tapered and parallel design by varying the implant diameter with a standard implant length. Six(More)
— Stock market prediction (SMP) plays an important role in the modern era for any economy which is on the development phase. Genetic Algorithm (GA) is an evolutionary algorithm that is useful for solving problems which are too complex in nature. This paper surveys different GA models that have been experimented in stock market prediction with special(More)
INTRODUCTION Several commercially available luting agents are used to cement the dental restorations such as intra-coronal, extra-coronal, and fixed partial dentures. Tensile bond strength (TBS) and accurate marginal fit are the essential factors to determine the good clinical results in fixed prosthesis. The retentivity of the luting cements is assessed by(More)
Data mining is most widely used in all fields because of its purposeful usage in the field where it is applied to. The techniques such as Clustering, Association rules and Classification take very important role in management. It is described that how these techniques are used to improve the customer relationship with the company which leads to a(More)
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