Mithun Haridas

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Even though diabetes has been a rapidly increasing health problem, adequate quality treatment continues to be an economic burden to common man. Nowadays patients rely on treatments like oral medication and manual injection of insulin because of the high cost of insulin pumps. So to help the common man, especially patients at the acute stage of Diabetes, a(More)
In this paper we describe the architecture of an e-learning environment that blends concept maps with Online Labs (OLabs) to enhance student performance in biology. In the Indian context, a secondary school student’s conceptual understanding of hard topics in biology is at risk because of a lack of qualified teachers and necessary equipments in labs to(More)
Experimental learning combined with theoretical learning enhances the conceptual understanding of a subject. Therefore, the Online Labs (OLabs) that hosts science experiments was developed. OLabs uses interactive simulations with theory, procedure, animations, videos, assessments and reference material. Our study blended OLabs with concept maps to examine(More)
Thin films of hybrid arrays of cadmium selenide quantum dots and polymer grafted gold nanoparticles have been prepared using a BCP template. Controlling the dispersion and location of the respective nanoparticles allows us to tune the exciton-plasmon interaction in such hybrid arrays and hence control their optical properties. The observed photoluminescence(More)
Optical properties of polymer capped gold nanoparticles of various sizes (diameter 3-6 nm) have been studied. We present a new scheme to extract size dependent variation of total dielectric function of gold nanoparticles from measured UV-Vis absorption data. The new scheme can also be used, in principle, for other related systems as well. We show how(More)
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