Mithila Guha

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Within psychiatric settings, many female clients report experiences of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). In this paper we explore the experience of 10 women who were hospitalized in psychiatric settings, restrained, and given forced medication (FM). All the women have histories that included CSA. Some authors have suggested that the experience of psychiatric(More)
The purpose of this qualitative study was to increase the understanding of the experiences of individuals with thought disorders, which precede incidents of aggression. Twelve individuals, from two hospitals, who had a nursing diagnosis of thought disorder and a history of aggression were interviewed, between one and four times, to collect baseline(More)
Second hand smoke (SHS) exposure during pregnancy is associated with poor pregnancy and fetal outcomes. To design interventions to reduce exposure, an in depth understanding of social and cultural factors of smoking behavior at home is important, especially in South Asia where SHS exposure is high. This study aimed to explore pregnant women's, their(More)
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