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When a planar object is rotated with respect to a directional light source, the reflected luminance changes. If surface lightness is to be a reliable guide to surface identity, observers must compensate for such changes. To the extent they do, observers are said to be lightness constant. We report data from a lightness matching task that assesses lightness(More)
The complexity in digital circuits has increased with rapid growth in technology permeating into all areas including ALU, Memory addressing, PC updates etc. All of them depend on logical elements and Adders are logic elements that play a critical role in design and performance of different operations. Thus there exists a considerable interest in digital(More)
The main objective of this paper is to develop an area efficient approach for the Look up table for the memory based realization of FIR filters. FIR filters are most often used in signal processing and image processing applications. Previously Distributed arithmetic (DA) is used which is popular for its potential for efficient memory based implementation of(More)
In this paper, the energy management at sugar industry is presented with manipulating and controlling at different sections in the plant. A case study on a sugar plant directs an innovative application of saving power and cost by using vapor absorption chillier is discussed. The implementation of Vapour Absoption Chiller (VAC) can be done by manipulation in(More)
In this paper, a new auto tuning least square optimization tuning technique is presented to design Wood and Berry (WB) distillation column. It has Two Inputs and Two Outputs (TITO) binary distillation column. Design of TITO systems with decentralized, centralized, decouplers (compensators) and optimization tuning methods are not guaranteed to achieve(More)
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