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This paper deals with the application of a multi agent system (MAS) for service restoration in distributed power systems. In this paper, the part of the service restoration process which deals with restoring power to consumers in case of an outage, is considered. A restoration strategy based on agent technology has been formulated. This strategy proposes a(More)
In a conventional charge-pump based PLL design, the loop parameters such as the bandwidth, jitter performance, charge-pump current, pull-in range among others govern the architecture and implementation details of the PLL. Different loop parameter specification change with a change in the reference frequency and in most cases, requires careful re-design of(More)
This paper discusses about the effectiveness of two FACTS devices TCSC and UPFC. One series device and another is the combination of series and shunt device (UPFC) in providing solutions for transmission line congestion problems. Here these FACTS devices are applied and tested in a IEEE-14 BUS system using MATLAB – SIMULINK platform. The results indicate(More)
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