Mitchell Tillman

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We use angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy to study the momentum dependence of the superconducting gap in NdFeAsO0.9F0.1 single crystals. We find that the Gamma hole pocket is fully gapped below the superconducting transition temperature. The value of the superconducting gap is 15+/-1.5 meV and its anisotropy around the hole pocket is smaller than 20%(More)
The superconducting penetration depth lambda(T) has been measured in RFeAsO(0.9)F(0.1) (R = La, Nd) single crystals (R-1111). In Nd-1111, we find an upturn in lambda(T) upon cooling and attribute it to the paramagnetism of the Nd ions, similar to the case of the electron-doped cuprate Nd-Ce-Cu-O. After the correction for paramagnetism, the London(More)
A motor system configured to maximize the stability of its current state cannot dexterously transition between states. Yet, we routinely resolve the stability-dexterity conflict and rapidly change our current behavior without allowing it to become unstable prior to the desired transition. The phenomenon called anticipatory synergy adjustment (ASA) partly(More)
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