Mitchell T Gore

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To determine effects of clenbuterol (CB) on muscle protein turnover and growth hormone (GH) secretion, 16 crossbred wether lambs (14.4 kg) were randomized into two groups designated to receive daily oral boluses of gelatin capsules containing corn starch with either 0 (control, CTL) or 1.87 mg/kg body weight CB for either 14 (n = 8) or 28 d (n = 8). This(More)
Ninety-three intensively managed, mature ewes were followed through three lactations to study effects and interrelationships of postweaning fast, prophylactic antibiotic injection, number of lactations and breed on subclinical mastitis, milk production and milk composition. Animals used in a 2 x 2 factorial design were allotted to treatment combinations of(More)
Fetal and neonatal myosin heavy chain (MHC) gene expression was examined in bovine genotypes that differed in their postnatal growth pattern and mature size. Pregnancies were established that would be expected to produce early-, intermediate-, or late-maturing postnatal growth. Fetal skeletal and cardiac muscles were collected at 100 and 200 days of(More)
Growth was examined in bovine fetuses and neonates that typically differ in mature size and postnatal developmental pattern. Pregnancies were established from matings expected to produce early (E), late (L), and intermediate (I) maturing postnatal growth patterns. Tissues were collected at 100 and 200 d of gestation and 30 d postnatal. Muscle:body weight(More)
In the present study, immunomagnetic separation of Legionella pneumophila from mock bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid samples, which were artificially spiked with L. pneumophila, and culture positive patient BAL fluid samples, was achieved using BioMags (superparamagnetic particles) loaded with purified rabbit immunoglobulin G specific for L. pneumophila.(More)
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